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Here you will find high quality replicas of Medieval swords and daggers, Ninja swords, Samurai swords, Pirate, and Cavalry weapons imported from across the world. We carry 1,000's of items and update new products regularly.
Our Medieval, Historical, Pirate, Samurai, and Ninja swords, daggers, and armor are authentic replicas of the weapons used by medieval knights, and Samurai or Ninja warriors throughout the old ages as warfare weapons. For display or for battle, each reproduction is created to the specifications of the originals. The dimensions and weight are accurate on every piece so you get a authentic weapon that is actually balanced, fun to hold, and nice for decorations. We also stock a huge collection of hunting, survival, tactical, and self defense weapons
Lord of the Rings Instock!
Anduril Sword of King Elessar (SKU: UC1380)
Fighting Knives of Legolas (SKU: UC1372)
Glamdring Sword of Gandalf the Grey (SKU: UC1265)
Hadhafang - Sword of Arwen (SKU: UC1298)
Herugrim The Sword of King Theoden (SKU: UC1370)
High Elven Warrior Display Sword (SKU: UC1373)
Limited Edtion - Helm of Isildur (SKU: UC1430)
Lord of The Rings Battle Axe of Gimli (SKU: UC1397ABNB)
Lord of the Rings Bearded Axe of Gimli (SKU: UC2628)
Lord of the Rings DAGGER of the Witch King (SKU: UC2595)
Lord of the Rings High Elven Warrior Shield Limited Edition (SKU: UC1428)
Lord of the Rings Limited Edition War Helm of The Witch King (SKU: UC1457)
Lord of the Rings Staff of Gandalf the White (SKU: UC1386WTNB)
Lord of the Rings Sword of Boromir (SKU: UC1400)
Lord of the Rings Sword of Isildur (SKU: UC2598)
LOTR Sword of Sam (SKU: UC2614)
LOTR Sword of Sam Museum Collection (SKU: UC2614MC)
Narsil Sword of King Elendil (SKU: UC1267)
Strider Ranger Sword (SKU: UC1299)
Sword of the Witchking (SKU: UC1266)
The Lord of the Rings Gondorian Shield (SKU: UC1454)
The Lord of the Rings The Sword of Eowyn with Display (SKU: UC1423)
The Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai Scimitar Sword (SKU: UC1309)
The Sword of Saruman (SKU: UC1385)

Read articles on Medieval History and information about Medieval Times and the period that spawned Europe from the V to the XV century. Including medieval weaponry and torture devices, the life within a castle walls, and knighthood.

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Devil May Cry Red Queen Sword of Nero
GI Joe Snake Eyes Katana Sword
GI Joe Storm Shadow Katana Sword
Officially Licensed Product
Star Wars Anakin Removable Blade Light Saber
Star Wars Darth Maul Removable Blade Light Saber
Star Wars Darth Vader Removable Blade Light Saber
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